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custom all leather pants


(...is this an ugly color combo or WHAT...?)

. *Please Note:*






Click here to check out our AMAZON PRIME listings!!

After Nov 12th, we will be packing at the close of the faire we attend in the fall at the Carolina Renaissance Festival.

We can process some orders after that time but be aware your order may be delayed as much as 4-5 weeks during this transition.

(Although, we'll do the best we can)

We are NOT an import warehouse with 50 employees that can work through the holidays.

At end of this faire we will be finishing a three month faire tour and have a 12-day drive back to the West Coast for a much-needed rest and time with family.

*NOTE* - Basically, we will be limited to current stock on hand.  Some requests we can fill in a day or two, others take more special attention.

If you have specific needs/deadlines (like stocking-stuffers), you are welcome to E-mail us or call us (541-944-5495) and we can let you know what your options might be.

We are still taking orders but cannot guarantee it will SHIP until after Christmas for 4-5 weeks AT THE EARLIEST.  But if you're wanting to get your items as early as possible, we suggest placing your order NOW as they will be done in the order they were received.

We are sorry for any inconvenience but we need family time, too!

Thank you for your understanding.....

~the Mis-Management


Leather Pants
for Pirates, Rogues, Knights,

Leather Mystics - tight lace leather pants metal rocker chic designer

Leather Mystics - lace up leather rocker pants hair band

...and Ladies!!!

fetish model Akiko in our leather pants

steampunk steam punk leather pants

Dark Chocolate Brown is now available on request!!

E-mail us BEFORE placing an order for brown for availability!

leather pants lace up choclolate brown

Fine hand-crafted all leather pants for every true hero, dastardly rogue, rocker, or spicy vixen!

These aren't stiff or thick like motorcycle chaps.  But made with strong, butter-soft, 1.5 oz. garment leather!

Leather laced front fly enclosure with eyelet reinforcements.

Leda Locke showing off our premium lace-up leather pants          Leda Locke making the best of our leather pirate pants
Professional fetish model Leda Locke graced us with her talents.

These are not trashy imports or cheap 'jean-cut' leather like you'll find in most malls and outlet stores.  This is the real thing!  Conforming and unlined so you can enjoy the feel of quality leather caress you like a second skin from your waist to your feet ...and every inch in between!

For every man or a woman, these will get you extra attention everywhere!

You've seen major superstars like Shakira, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Alba, Bon Jovi, Jessica Simpson, and SO many other celebrities sporting similar styles of laced-up leather pants.  Now you can get them for a FRACTION of what THEY paid!!

Now available in larger men's and women's PLUS sizes!!

Women's up to size 18!

Men's to a 44 waist!

The basic difference between the men’s cut and womens’ is the women’s cut has a more tapered leg.  We have many women that buy the men’s size because they like the looser fit and vice versa.

Yes - they are just as cool and comfortable as any other pair of pants you might wear.  In fact, most find them even MORE comfortable than cotton pants.  The natural leather breathes so you can stay cool even at those warmer summer events.

No other leather pants get you attention like ours do.
Made from the softest leather, these pants fit like a second skin to show off your best features.

Front fly sports inner overlapping flap with re-enforcing grommets and strong wide soft leather lacing.

**Cleaning our leather pants**

Our best cleaning advice we give for these pants:
Clean only when needed or every 2-3 wearings.
Hand-wash in a sink or tub of warm water and small amount of soap (a squirt of two of liquid hand soap works best).  Agitate lightly and rinse with clean warm water.  Gently wring, blot with towel, and hang-dry.

*Note - ALL new leathers contain residual unset dyes which will lightly 'bleed' out in the first few washings and discolor the water.  This is normal.

*Note: You will be able to offer any specifics in the "comments" window of the ordering process when you check out.
We no longer offer custom length or inseam, all pants are shipped with a 36" inseam.  The leather is soft enough that they can easily be hemmed on an average home machine or most tailers offer hemming for a nominal fee.
Also specify color desired (if other than black).  Custom colors available (extra charges and order time will apply - email us for a quote).

leather pants $139
Women's Sizing:
leather pants $139
Men's Sizing:

leather making - what we do and how long it takes costumes and leather work...

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Leather Mystics

leather making - what we do and how long it takes costumes and leather work...

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