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( this an ugly color combo or WHAT...?)

. *Please Note:*


We are currently moving to a NEW FACILTY as well as packing for our big trek to North Carolina for the fall at the Carolina Renaissance Festival.

We are processing orders between packing boxes and equipment so your order may be delayed as much as 4-5 weeks during this transition.

(though, we'll do the best we can)

ALSO - One of our primary leather suppliers in Napa CA was just hit with a 6.1 earthquake devastating their inventory and causing us further delays./h1>

*NOTE* - Basically, we are limited to current stock on hand.  Some requests we can fill in a day or two, others take more special attention.

If you have specific needs/deadlines , you are welcome to E-mail us or call us (541-944-5495) and we can let you know what your options might be.

We are still taking orders but cannot guarantee it will SHIP for 4-5 weeks AT THE EARLIEST.  But if you're wanting to get your items as early as possible, we suggest placing your order NOW as they will be done in the order they were received.

We are sorry for any inconvenience

Thank you for your understanding.....

~the Mis-Management


leather mystics custom leather

Welcome to Leather Mystics!!!

To keep our prices low, we can't afford much advertising.
Please use the links below to help spread the word about us!!


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*Note our phone number has changed!:

...Your best source for Renaissance, Exotic, Fantasy, Cosplay, and Alternative leather wear!

Pirate boots, gauntlets for Imperial Forces and 501st, REAL leather belts, ring belts, bodices, pants, and more to come!
Soon we will be offering the best leather accessories - sword frogs, hangers, and baldrics - jerkins and surcoats - and... as they say... much MUCH MORE!!!

We pride ourselves in quality and craftsmanship - without exception.

All of our leather is hand-picked for each piece we make - without exception.

custom leather costume renaissance 501st star wars imperial

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(This is the page where we post pictures of new leather stuff we're working on but don't have the time to work up an actual page with a shopping cart link and not everyone has Facebook which is where we usually do this kinda thing but we don't want to rule anyone out so we made this quick page as well so if you like something here and want something like it you'll just have to email us and we can send you a Paypal invoice by email or take a credit card over the phone and this run-on sentence is NOT going to make my mother the former English teacher very happy...)

dragon age origins leliana costume

Dragon Age Origins Leliana Costume - One of a kind custom order

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If you don't find what you're looking for, feel free to inquire with us.
We can or already do make it, we just have not had time to take photos and update our site.

Take the time to look around and see what it is we can do for you.

After all...

There's nothing like real leather!

King size Leather Duvet / Bedspread!
See our most exotic creation!

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We prefer to live by -

The Old Code:
A knight is sworn to valor.
His heart knows only virtue.
His blade defends the helpless.
His might upholds the weak.
His word speaks only truth.
His wrath undoes the wicked.


  We solute our Fine Fencered Friends of

Academia Duellatoria

(get it? "fine fencered"...?? ...always was a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang fan!!)
( ....oh, I hope they don't run me through for that...)

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Chameleon Enterprises of Florida

Thank a serviceman, thank a vet, thank God we have our freedom!  We will not forget 9/11....

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Leather Mystics

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