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The Pirates of the Caribbean have got NOTHING on this gorgeous shirt....

The Pirates of the Caribbean had better beware, this Musketeer style pirate shirt poet shirt is a great compliment to make a striking pirate or rogue outfit!
The most flashy and daring of all our shirts.  No matter if you're a pirate, musketeer, or a romantic rogue - this shirt fits the bill!   Accented by liberal billowing frills around the collar and down the front with gathered cuffs on the sleeves and a generous size cut for a comfortable fit.
Made of pre-shrunk all Pima cotton you can get years of wear out of this shirt.
Mandarin - style collar, laced front, tied cuffs, bloused sleeves, and added extra length for belting if desired.

This is a wonderful shirt for almost any pirate, midieval, renaissance, or reinactor's garb.  Generous sizing give it a very comfortable fit even for live-steel battles or fencing.

**Note: Only available up to 2X. The extra-generous sizing of this style means a 2X is MUCH larger than standard.

Sizing Details You Should Know:

These shirts are pre-shrunk and of the highest premium quality and come with our absolute money back satisfaction guarantee! You will not be disappointed by cheap materials or shoddy stitching. We do NOT sell the cheapest poet shirts around - we sell the BEST and they are worth every penny!

These look great when belted with one of our Ring Belts!

Chest/Body Size of these shirts is very liberal for a very loose and dramatic look, but the sleeve lengths are generally standard.

Your best bet when choosing a size is to go by your sleeve length.

*Note: These shirts are hand assembled using raw materials, then washed and pre-shrunk for the best 'gathered' look. The measurements given are general and can vary by as much as an inch or two in the chest. If you are in doubt of your sizing, always err on the side of larger - they are made to be loose.

You can refer to the chart below for your sizing reference:

(Sleeve lengths are measured spine to cuff)
X-small 42-44" 29-30"
Small 46-48" 30-31"
Medium 48-50" 31-32"
Large 50-52" 32-33"
X-Large 52-54" 33-34"
2X 54-56" 34-35"

Now available in two colors!

black natural
Black Natural

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