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All Leather Drinking Mugs

Leather Jacks

We've teamed up with an east coast leather shop to bring to you these FABULOUS all-leather drinking mugs!
(Because, to be honest, they do them much better than WE ever could!)

These mugs ARE the best leather drinking mugs ever made. The double-wall construction acts as a natural insulator.  They use only the highest quality, vegetable-tanned leather and each mug is hand-crafted.

They use the original method to water proof the mugs. No brewers pitch or bees wax to crack or melt. No harsh chemical floor sealers. No plastic inserts or wooden bottoms.

The mugs are 100% leather and hold about 25oz!

Each mug is hand made (a traditional 38+ step process!!) and of heirloom quality. Each one has a unique serial number and the makers guarantee each mug for life.

*NOTE*Guarantee does not include damage caused by heat! The Elandah Leather mug does not like heat. In technical terms, heat is BAD. Any hot or boiling liquid, coffee, tea, soup, etc. (if it's too hot for your mouth it's too hot for the mug!) will damage the leather, ruin the water proofing, and generally cause you to have a bad day. So please think of the mug and only drink a cold beverage out of your mug - you know, beer, wine, pop,...and, if you must... water!

We call it the "LIP RULE".....

You don't stick your lips in the freezer.
You don't stick your lips in the microwave.
You don't stick your lips in the dishwasher.
and you don't pour hot scalding liquids on your lips.

- if you wouldn't do it to your own lips, don't do it to the mug!

plain black leather mug renaissance sca pirate drinking vessel

Original Plain Black Mug
Form and function make this an all-time favorite!

leather mug pirate rogue

black leather pirate mug for ale mead soda .....or water...

Pirate Jolly Roger Mug
A fine leather mug 'tis what every pirate needs!

leather mug pirate rogue

mugs leather natural period brown mug

Original Brown Leather Mug
Best for that traditional period look without being too flashy.
Perfect accessory to complement a peasant's garb!

leather mug pirate rogue

celtic knot embossed leather mug

Celtic Knot Mug
Also known as the "Lover's Knot", it shows two unbroken loops that are intertwined and inseparable from each other.  As the lives of the man and woman are merged in eternal unity, so are the circular strands inseparably bound together for eternity.

leather mug pirate rogue
celtic cross leather mug

Celtic Cross Leather Mug
The Celtic Cross is a symbolic union of two powerful emblems: the cross and the circle.  The Celts believed it is the cross that carries the spirits of the dead peacefully into the Other World.  The cross also represents the balance and harmony between male and female. The circle/wheel represents many sacred things...the life cycle, the cycles of the seasons, the Sun, and completeness.  They also believed that the center of the wheel was where the Heavens and the Earth met, a place where the soul could reach ultimate enlightenment.

leather mug pirate rogue

leather mug with dragon

Dragon Leather Mug

Always vigilante, the dragon represents a most valiant defender of treasure.

leather mug pirate rogue

painted dragon leather mug cup chalice handle

Dragon Leather Mug

Currently only available with a black dragon.

leather mug pirate rogue

all leather mugs

Basket Weave Leather Mug
There are almost 1000 individual hammer blows to imprint this design into the mug. This simple yet elegant mug is a true Pirate Faire, Renaissance Festival, and SCA favorite.

Due to the intense amount of labor involved, there is a very limited number of Basket Weave mugs available. Please email or call first to check availability.

leather mug pirate rogue

Barrel Leather Mug
Yes it is made of 100% leather it just looks like a wooden barrel.

leather mug pirate rogue

celtic braided design in a leather drinking cup

Celtic Braid Leather Mug
For many, this Celtic symbol represents eternity - the eternity of life, the eternity of nature, and the eternity of love.  These endless strands are like the ties that bond us together - all of us.

leather mug pirate rogue

leatherjack with griffin griffen lion rampant celtic

Griffin Leather Mug
The Griffin sets forth the property of a valorous soldier whose magnanimity is such that he will dare all dangers, even death itself, rather than become captive.

leather mug pirate rogue

boars head pig piggy swine wild boar leather mug

Boar's Head Leather Mug
The Boar.  The symbol of a fierce combatant when at bay and ceases fighting only with its life - therefore may be properly applied as the armorial bearing of a warrior.

Also the Clan Campbell symbol.

leather mug pirate rogue

eagle leather mug

Eagle Leather Mug
An icon of majesty and greatness.

leather mug pirate rogue

running horse equestrian leather mug

Horse Leather Mug
For all the equestrian fans out there...

leather mug pirate rogue

hummingbird mug cup vessel

Hummingbird Leather Mug
The seeker of sweet nectar aloft a flower...

leather mug pirate rogue

grapes the fruit of wine en vino veritas

Grapes Leather Mug
"In Vino Veritas"

- Origin-Latin -

...there is ‘truth in wine’.

leather mug pirate rogue

rampant scot scotland scottish lion scotish lion

Rampant Lion Leather Mug
The Rampant Lion of Scotland.  The lion represents deathless courage or a brave man.

leather mug pirate rogue

unicorn leather mugs

Unicorn Leather Mug
The Unicorn represents extreme courage.

leather mug pirate rogue

sun sunburst leather mug

Sun Leather Mug
The sun symbolizes glory and splendor.

leather mug pirate rogue

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